Importance And Function Of Missile Erector Launcher

Missile Erector Launcher Is Also known As Missile Launcher Car, This Launcher Is Supported By A Powerful Engine Which Gives Him A Power To Launch A Missile, Every Missile Has It’s Own Special Missile Launchers, Read More Detail Below.

Babur was initially test fired from a single missile TEL but later on multiple tube launch system. The current launch platform is mobile three tube assembly mounted on truck. This motorized 8 x 8 transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) is reportedly a Chinese reverse-engineered variants of the Russian MAZ-543TLM vehicle. The TEL has a length of 13.36 meters, width of 3.02 meters, maximum road speed of 55kph, un refueled range of 650km, and is powered by a 600hp Deutsch diesel engine with all four axles driven. There is a separate 10kW electrical generator to power the missileĀ’s pre-launch operations and two hydraulic pumps to raise the missile canisters to their launch positions before launch. The TEL is supported by four hydraulic jacks during the missile launch. The vehicle was then refitted and modified in Pakistan to fit in Babur missiles.

NASR Missile/Ghaznavi Missile
Nasr multi-tube missile system uses a Chinese origin 8×8 transporter erector launcher. The vehicle is same as Pakistan Army’s A-100 MRL system, which in return is reportedly based on Russian MAZ-543/MAZ-7310. A version of this is being made by China and named WS2400 so it is highly likely that the vehicle we see with Nasr missiles system is indeed Chinese WS2400.

Importance And Function Of Missile Erector Launcher